165 years and counting, Timex kickstarts ?We Don?t Stop? Campaign

Timex, a world leader in watchmaking, has announced the launch of ?We Don’t Stop? brand campaign that celebrates its legacy and the people who wear a Timex. ?We Don’t Stop?, a modern articulation of the iconic “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking” tagline, is meant to honor the brand’s spirit of innovation and perseverance, as well as the spirit of the people who wear Timex?people who demonstrate grit as they navigate and shape the world around them.

?We Don’t Stop? embodies what Timex has been doing for more than 165 years. Timex has been challenging the status quo and maintaining a shared attitude with the consumer. Since 1854, their focus on embracing a rich, authentic history while offering the latest trends is intended to inspire consumers who value those attributes in brands ? we don’t stop because you don’t.

Timex has rolled out a brand film as part of this campaign and celebrates American rich watch making legacy. The film talks about how Timex has revolutionized time to put it on people?s wrist, taking it to the space or making it glow. Timex has been making watches for those who wish to change the world.

Commenting on the campaign,?Ajay Dhyani, Head Marketing, Timex India?said,??With this campaign, we wanted to pay a tribute to our American watch making legacy and tell consumers in India about our rich heritage. For the past 165 years, Timex has been pioneering in timekeeping, bringing watches to consumers that exemplify classic designs and unparalleled quality. The campaign will bring alive the spirit of craftsmanship and innovation, coupled with tradition.?

As part of this campaign, Timex India will soon be introducing a launching some of the global best collections of watches for both men and women in India. Honoring a long history of quality timepiece design, these introductions will deliver on the exceptional craftsmanship for which Timex is known.

Here is the link to the brand film:? <?https://we.tl/t-TGUsuIJDGw?>

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