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Two Sunni Islamic Nations baying for each other’s blood – Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

A lesson for the Hindutva fools n lumpens to learn and benefit by and even the Muslim ones too.

Two Sunni Islamic Nations baying for each other’s blood – Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Even with so many inviolately Divine Commonalities like One God , Prophet sas , Shahda , Quran, Mecca , Medina and that divine covenant of Islamic fraternity that the earliest Muslims swore before the holy Prophet sas , nothing could stop this two nations from killing each others Muslim populations .

And then you have those many Arab Nations that share the same divine commonalities yet are divide into many different Nations and sometimes antagonistic towards each other.

And then there is that violent partition of one Islamic State Pakistan into West Pakistan and East Pakistan ( Bangladesh) that happened in 1971 .

One look at Europe , where Christianity is common yet it is divided into many tiny Nations.

Even Historically speaking ,before the advent of Bhuddism , Jainism and Islam , India was a geography of myriad Hindu kingdoms always at war with each other .

The point is – if these Ruling Hindutva psychotics think by transforming India into a monochromatic Religious Country they can rule peaceful, than they are sadly mistaken !

The purpose of Religion was to reform and sublimate the Human race , make them worthy of their existence , it was for moral and spiritual edification .

But alas ! The Politicisation of Religions has led to a dehumanised World of hate and violence , bewarned !\

Article written by : Sharyar Khan

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