30 Minutes of Happiness Everyday, ONLY ON HOOQ

Your guide to instant burst of positive energy to begin 2020!?

In today?s Golden age of digital entertainment, we are spoiled for choice.? That said, we all seek shows and movies to connect with on a personal level. The home of Hollywood in India, HOOQ, brings you movies and shows sure to put a smile on your face. So, sit back, relax and enjoy these belly-laugh inducing comedies? exclusively on HOOQ.

  1. The Office – Original is always the best:Celebrate the era of originals by watching this show which still stands quite relevant in the crazy lifestyle of the young working professionals. Catch the genesis of the original Michael Scott, David Brent, with the first ever Office and immerse yourself in this fun-filled roller-coaster mockumentary.
  2. 2 Broke Girls ? Situational Comedy will tickle your sarcastic bones –Two young girls in their mid-20?s, living in a metropolitan city, struggling to make ends meet, even after working for 12 to 15 hours. Relatable, much? 2 Broke Girls is the survival bible for any fresh-out-of-college person trying to make it on their own. Watch this hilarious show to recover from the mundane and add a dash of enthusiasm to your spirit.
  3. Younger – The show that started #10YearChallenge ?Haven?t we all been worried about turning 40 someday? Well, this show tells you exactly how to ?un-forty?yourself. Don?t miss this comedy-drama as it is a go-to survival kit for the years that have gone by and for the years ahead.
  4. The Big Bang Theory ?Is there any better way to watch favourite show than to re-binge it, at least 10 times? If you haven?t seen at least one episode of The Big Bang Theory, you need to drop everything you are doing, immediately, and start watching. From college days to getting married, most of us literally grew up with the show. If Sheldon can find his Amy, there is still hope for us. Unless you?re a Koothrappali.

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