A 30-Year-Old Labourer Stabbed | 4 Betting Sites Raided By Bangalore Police | Today News Update.

*A 30-year-old labourer went on a stabbing spree, killing a person and injuring six others, before being overpowered by police personnel in Bengaluru on Sunday, police said. Ganesh went to a butcher’s shop at Cottonpet area to purchase meat, stole a knife from there, ran away and stabbed six people at random.

*City Crime Branch, Bangalore raided 4 different locations which were reported to be as betting sites in the city on Saturday, October 17, 2020.A total of Rs 21 Lakh was seized during raids conducted at four different places where betting was underway.

*Man left badly injured for telling two men not to take stuff from a bakery without paying Two men punched a man repeatedly on his nose for trying to prevent them from taking things from a bakery in Annasandrapalya without paying.

* Telangana : As of Sunday, the state has reported 61 flood-related deaths in the state *GHAZIABAD: A 33-year-old doctor was arrested from his clinic in Dasna on Saturday, more than a month after he allegedly smothered to death a woman patient with whom he had developed a relationship. Police said the woman, a mother of four, was pestering the doctor to live with her.

*Kaushik Basu Even a few years ago none could have imagined India?s economy being where it is. A part of this is caused by Covid, but only a part .Lessons: Don?t be in data denial. Mistakes happen?admit & take corrective action. Use the talent & expertise available in the country.

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