‘Amending AFSPA will dilute armed forces’ immunity’

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday slammed the Congress for its election promise to amend the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and accused the opposition party of supporting separatists and anti-national elements.

“Terrorist-friendly people will misuse AFSPA. It is an effort to weaken the armed forces and support the separatists and anti-national elements. They are trying to dilute the immunity of our security forces. Any dilution of AFSPA will remove immunity of forces,” Sitharaman told a press conference.

She said the Congress’ promise on AFSPA was only to sensationalise and demoralise the armed forces.

“There is a system of removing AFSPA. Both the Centre and state governments work on it together. Congress’ sensationalism will impact the nation’s security. Congress’ promise is insidious,” she said.

The BJP leader said the Congress’ manifesto proves that the party wants to support traitors and separatists.

“Some aspects of the Congress’ manifesto will restrict the armed forces action and stop them from functioning,” she added.


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