BJP obsessed with my family, says Priyanka?Gandhi?

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of being obsessed with her family, saying that 50 per cent of the BJP leaders’ speeches were devoted to blaming her family but they never talked about what they did in last five years.

Addressing a rally here in the Fatehpur Lok Sabha constituency, the Congress leader, who is also the in-charge for eastern Uttar Pradesh, said: “They (BJP) are obsessed with our family. Fifty per cent of their elections speeches are full of what (Jawaharlal) Nehruji did and what Indiraji (Gandhi) did. But they will not tell you what they have done in the last five years despite getting a huge mandate.”

Attacking the saffron party, Gandhi said: “Those who are known for making rhetorics are today alleging that the promise of the Congress to provide Rs 72,000 to every poor family is a rhetoric.

“They (BJP) are saying that the government doesn’t have money. But the same government had money to waive off the loans of the industrialists. From where did that money come? It came from the pockets of the common people.”

Targeting the BJP government over the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY), the COngress leader said: “This scheme is meant to help the private insurance companies. The intentions and the policies of this government are not good. So you people need to be aware now. If you become aware, no political leader will dare to utter a lie in front of you from this dais. The politics of lie needs to end.”

She said when the youth raise their voice, those in power should feel happy that people have certain demands they should listen to.

“But the BJP government thinks that it’s doing you a favour by working for you. They do not realise that it is the public that made them,” she said.

Gandhi also appealed to the people to remove the politics of divisiveness and negativity, and usher in the politics which speaks about people’s grievances.

“Change the politics, not only of your area or for your needs, but for the future generations and to save the country,” she said.


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