Centre took loans worth Rs 30 lakh crore says Congress

The?Congress?on Tuesday blamed?Prime Minister?Narendra Modi?for wrecking the economy and cited?Finance Ministry?data to allege that the?Modi government?took additional loans worth Rs 30 lakh crore since 2014.

“Finance Ministry’s shocking data show that in the last four years and nine months, the?Modi government?borrowed additional loans worth Rs 30,28,945 crore,”?Congress?spokesperson?Randeep Surjewala?said.

This, he claimed, was unprecedented as in the past 70 years, the total debt of the country up to March 2014 was Rs 53,11,081 crore. “Only in the Modi government’s term, there was a hike in public debt by 57 per cent,” Surjewala said.

The?Congress?leader?claimed that the government had hidden data from December 2018 to March 2019 but information available in the public show that additional debts worth Rs 7,16,700 crore was taken by the Centre in just the last three months, taking India’s total debt to Rs 90,56,000 crore.

“This is gross economic mismanagement,” said Surjewala.

“The high loan amount is a burden on 130 crore Indians, which is estimated at Rs 23,300 per person since 2014,” he added.


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