France Enrages Muslims again by Banning Halal Meat

France Enrages Muslims again by Banning Halal Meat The France government brought in a new rule that bans the slaughter of poultry animals the Islamic way as of July 2021. This decision comes just before the start of the Muslim holy month Ramadan. Paris Mosque director Chemseddine Hafez, Lyon Mosque director Kamel Kaptane and Evry Mosque director Khalil Maroun have issued a joint statement, in which they said that the French Agriculture and Food Ministry’s circular sends a negative message to the Muslim community in the country ahead of the holy month. “These precautions are a serious obstacle preventing people from freely practicing their religion,” said the report citing the statement. The Muslim leaders further said that they are planning to take necessary legal action to restore the “fundamental right,” it read. In France, the Halal meat found great acceptance and the demand for it grew rapidly. Approximately 6 million Muslims in France consumed $6 billion on halal food n beverages. France exports 200,000 metric tons of halal meat of halal poultry to North Africa and the Middle East each year.

Written by: Ayesha Siddiqua

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