Haq Se Hindustan Concert Brings 10 Incredible Hip-Hop Acts

The line-up features Prabh Deep, Swadesi + Bandish Projekt, Dopeadelicz, MC Manmeet Kaur, Khasi Bloodz and more

This month,?witness the best of Indian hip-hop on one stage at the?Haq Se Hindustan concert. A truly representative showcase of the incredible diversity within hip-hop, the event on?November 14th?at Mumbai?s Famous Studios will feature 10 acts from 7 cities performing in 9 languages. This is the first time this spectrum of talent, which includes some of India’s most talented rappers, MCs, crews, and bands, will be sharing a common stage.

Haq Se Hindustan is a part of?#HaqSeHipHop, a unique multi-platform hip-hop property launched by India’s leading digital media firm?Qyuki?and the iconic music magazine?Rolling Stone India.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS OUT NOW:?https://insider.in/haq-se-hindustan-mumbai-2019-nov14-2019/event


Prabh Deep?(New Delhi)

Swadesi?+ Bandish Projekt?(Mumbai/Ahmedabad)

Khasi Bloodz?(Shillong)


MC Manmeet Kaur?(Chandigarh)

MC Heam?(Mumbai)


The Dharavi Dream Project?(Mumbai) Zake?(Mumbai)?Rolling Stone India and Qyuki have been early supporters and stakeholders in India?s hip-hop ecosystem from its fledgling days, and with Haq Se Hindustan, both endeavor to give the diverse hip-hop voices in India a definitive mouthpiece they can claim as their own.

Says Nirmika Singh, Executive Editor, Rolling Stone India,??There?s so much more to Indian hip-hop than what we have seen so far, and with Haq Se Hindustan we hope to present the incredible multi-cultural expressions India has to offer across all five elements in hip-hop: from rapping, b-boying, beatboxing, DJing and graffiti. There?s no denying India is witnessing a mini-revolution in hip-hop ? the established artists are consolidating their influence while the emerging talent is claiming their part.?

The core idea behind #HaqSeHindustan is to bring to focus the true hip-hop representatives from the North, South, East, West, and North-East of India.

Samir Bangara, Co-Founder & MD, Qyuki, says, ?The beauty of Indian hip-hop can be best witnessed in its linguistic and regional diversity. With Haq Se Hindustan, which is the live leg of our newly launched property #HaqSeHipHop, we want to bring as many voices into the spotlight as possible. The message is clear: hip-hop belongs to everyone.?Hip-hop humara hai.?

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