Haryana Government introduces “Riot Bill”

In Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar-led BJP government has introduced “Protestors Pay Bill” with an aim to collect tax for the damages done to government property during protest rallys. Home Minister of the state, Anil Vij introduced the bill in the ongoing budget session as the Haryana Recovery of Damages to Property During Disturbance to Public Order Bill, 2021. It states that the aim is to recover damages caused to properties by persons during an assembly, lawful or unlawful, including riots. It will also constitute a claims tribunal to determine the liability, assess the damages, and award relief to people. The farmers and the opposition of the regime allege that the idea behind the innovated tax was intended to increase the tax burden and to quell the movement or instigate the people to revolt. One of the farmers said “ The farmers have been by and large peacefully
protested against the Farm bills introduced by the government. Many farm leaders have been asked o provide surety bonds, personal bonds from Rs. 2 lacs to Rs.5 for participating in the protests.

Written by: Ayesha Siddiqua

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