iD Fresh: return the love for every #KhaanaKhaaya from our moms

This year marks the culmination of #KhaanaKhaaya, the annual Mother?s Day campaign from iD Fresh. A campaign that has shot the brand to social media fame and allowed it to connect with consumers beyond product speak.

The first version of the film campaign was released in May 2017. It was about the relationship between a busy working woman and her mom living in another city. Here, #KhaanaKhaaya functioned as a shorthand for the mom to enquire about the well-being of her daughter and the message was for kids to reciprocate that sense of concern. In the second version released in May 2018, the film delved into the relationship between a mother and her young son, where #KhaanaKhaaya symbolized all the sacrifices she makes for the kid, the message being about gratefulness.

Watch the videos on the links below:



In the culminating film this year, the campaign re-emphasizes how we only have so much time with our mothers and we should appreciate every time we get asked #KhaanaKhaaya.

It is, after all, an immutable statement of a mother?s love. In our busy lives, we often take this #KhaanaKhaaya question for granted because we hear it every day. That?s why iD Fresh wants to remind all to us to cherish each time we?re asked the question because it contains a lifetime of love and care.

?We wanted to up the emotional stakes in this year?s film and really drive the point home. iD has been an enabler of moms since day one and the #KhaanaKhaaya platform has helped the brand build a unique connect with moms. This year was the perfect opportunity to expand the #KhaanaKhaaya messaging and end it on a high note.? says Swati Naik, Creative Director at Langoor Digital, the Bangalore-based agency that handles the digital duties for the brand iD Fresh.

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