If India And Pakistan Enter Into War, The Outcome Will Be Like This

The aftermath of Indo Pak war will make one of them win, and the other lose. But both the countries will lose its economy, so much so that both the countries will have to look for monetary aid from the foreign organisations.

The country that would supply arms to India and Pakistan will become very rich. When two countries toil over war, the ones who sell bombs and fighter jets will merry. Israel will surely not give ammunitions for free, just because they pose and sound like our well wishers. Will they?

Lots of loss of lives from both the countries will be witnessed, so much so that, even the citizens’ lives will be under threat.

Even after the war ends, the problem that started the war will still remain as a problem, as the Kashmir issue will not be solved. Hence the war would have not achieved anything.

Instead, if both India and Pakistan sit with the world leaders, along with the Kashmiris, to discuss about Kashmir, then the solution to peace is a possibility God-willing. Where there’s a will, there’s no dismay.

Right now the topic of debate at the news media must not be war; but Kashmir. The land of Kashmir is the bone of contention. If this is dealt amicably with the people of authority, then the extremists will have to close their shops and spend rest of their life in working as guides to the tourists who want to get enchanted by the beauty of Kashmir.

– Writer
Umar Shariff
President, DIET

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