In Srinagar, people throng to make calls to their kin

There is a massive surge in the people going to Deputy Commissioner office daily for thronging the six helplines set up for people for making phone calls. As many as 14,000 phone calls have been made and received ever since the helplines were set up a week back.

There are 46 helplines that have been set up for people for making calls. Most of them have been set up in police stations.

But with just a few landlines operational, only some lucky ones get through to their loved ones.

“I am happy I could talk with my son who is studying in Delhi. I waited for hours for my turn”, said Fareeda.

“The challenge is to deal with people who are angry, mostly relatives of people who have gone on hajj pilgrimage are making calls mostly”, said Waheed who runs the operations at the helplines.

There are those who are happy to get in touch with their loved ones but many are returning disappointed.

Irfan is one of those who tried to call his parents who have gone on Hajj, but could not connect with them.

“It is very frustrating… I am not able to talk with my parents, their phones are out of range, I have been making desperate bids at calling them”, Irfan said

Ghulam Nabi is another of those who returned disappointed. He came with his wife to call his son in Oman.

“I have no contact with my son… I made many attempts to call him but couldn”t reach him. I want the communication blockade to go”, Ghulam Nabi said.

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