It’s a fight between two ideologies, says Rahul?Gandhi?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi said the run-up to the country’s general election is witnessing a fight between two ideologies and that his party would defeat those who practise “politics of hatred”.

Addressing Congress workers in Shakti Sammelan in Jaipur, he said, “On the one hand is the BJP-RSS ideology that promotes hatred and division. On the other side is Congress, which stands for brotherhood and love. The former wants to kill Congress. But we won’t kill them in return, rather we shall fight them and defeat them. Congress doesn’t play politics of hatred,” he said.

The Congress President said that “history has taught us that those who spread hatred become a loser and get trapped in their own net.”

“It’s OK that luck favoured the BJP in 2014, for once. But then Modi too is trapped in his own net,” he said, quoting the ‘chowkidar’ example.

“Modi said ‘make me the PM and I shall become the chowkidar’. Then he said, ‘once I become the chowkidar, happy days shall come’. Meanwhile, Congress brought out the real facts on Rafale (fighter jet deal) and Modi was caught in his own trap. Therefore we had the slogan ‘Chowkidar chor hai,'” Gandhi said.

He said the “promise of depositing Rs 15 lakh” in bank accounts proved false. “However the idea was good, so we thought of converting it into reality.

“After six months of working, we spoke to world-renowned economists and came out with the idea of minimum income line with a figure of Rs 12,000 per month under NYAY (Nyuntam Aay Yojana) scheme. We will deposit the amount in the personal accounts of the 20% of the poorest families,” he said.

Gandhi said democracy and the Constitution were in danger under the BJP rule.

Earlier addressing a rally in Suratgarh, Gandhi said, the minimum income guarantee scheme — NYAY — will carry a “surgical strike” against poverty if Congress was voted to power at the Centre.

“If Narendra Modi government can distribute money to the country’s rich, we will do it for the poor,” he added.



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