Jaish-E-Mohammed Attacked CRPF, And Here We Have Many Unanswered Questions!

The Pakistani based “Jaish-E-Mohammed”, a notorious terror outfit has claimed responsibility over the suicide attack that took away the lives of 42 CRPF men at the Pulwama district of Jammu & Kashmir. The suicide bomber named Adil Ahmed Dar alias Waqas is supposed to have run through a SUV with 300 kilograms of explosives into a bus laden with Central Reserve Police Force.

The terror organisation based in Pakistan naming itself as Jaish-E-Mohammed, meaning “the Army of Mohammed”, is such a crafty work that makes the common man get a false impression about the name “Mohammed” itself. Sick rotten overzealous extremists have used the name of the Prophet of Islam to their blood-shedding organisation. They are surely despicable ones who have no future in this world, while greater miseries are awaiting them in the hereafter in’shaa’Allah. Why the hell on earth do they use the name of the Prophet of Islam to represent their dirty works. Jaish-E-Mohammed is not the leader of the Muslims in Kashmir or Pakistan. They don’t represent a nation or a tribe even. Some indoctrinated men who are faithful to their extreme ideology feed their insidious thoughts into the cadres, and thereby do all the possible thing to create unrest in the society.

Firstly, suicide itself is Haraam – forbidden in Islam. Secondly, killing human beings is itself a major sin in Islam, unless it’s a war between people, or a capital punishment given by the state after fulfilling the judicial process.

Now what’s behind all of these indoctrinated extremists who present themselves as the saviours of their community? Why is that they were able to attack now, as the elections in India are getting closer? Who would politically get a mileage through this dastardly acts of the miscreant? Was it a false-flag operation that was orchestrated by the state itself to build tempo against the neighbouring country Pakistan, so that another surgical strike 2.0 would happen and show the existing statesmen as the courageous and the swaggering leaders? Or is this a false-flag operation done by the opposition to make the ruling government look like the incapable ones? Or is it a crime that is allowed to happen, even after having all the strict security in place? Or is it a violence let to happen, to create more violence to justify the aggression? All these questions are just some random theories. None of them are true at the moment; for we don’t have proofs to substantiate any. However, when proofs and evidences surface the table, the truth will stand evident. While all these questions are asked, we may also very well ask, is the security within LOC – Line of Control so weak that a single guy could get explosives in his SUV single handedly and break all the security check in a place where all the best of India’s brains and muscles are operating? Do we need fighter jets to squash that single SUV? Or do we need a single vigilant security man at the check-post? I’m sure there are n number of check-posts that needs to be beaten to get in proximity with a bus of CRPF men. Something is really looking hazy and clouded!

Here is a question to the Pakistani government. Now that the imbecilic JEM has taken responsibility of the crime, why is that the Pakistani government not arresting the members of JEM? Why is there no news of the expected work on ground? Has Pak become a bystander over the crime, or is it the orchestrator? All these questions are all posed to all sections of people, only to let all of them know that they are possibly accountable for such a crime.

In the past, whenever such incidents get reported, the aftermath was the increase in violence on civilians, that later led to reactions of the civilians. The road map to violence in JK is like this:
A miscreant attacks the army and causes casualties. Then the army reacts against the suspicious ones, and in the process some people from the civilians are also attacked. In some cases people die. Later the youths get to the streets with stones that are hurled at the army. And this is the vicious circle of events. That’s how one man can disturb the entire scenario. It’s easy to create confusion. But it is very hard to put an end to the same. Isn’t it?

– Writer
Umar Shariff
(President, DIET)

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