Kashmiri Pandits team meets Bharatiya Janta Party leader Ram Madhav

Senior Bharatiya Janta Party General Secretary and in-charge of party’s Kashmir affairs Ram Madhav assured a delegation of senior Kashmiri Pandit activists on Tuesday that the government will not implement any rehabilitation policy for the displaced community without consulting a wider group of Kashmiri Pandit leadership.

Kashmiri Pandit activists Uttpal Kaul, Kamal Hak, Renuka Bazaz, Manoj Bhan and Amit Raina met Madhav on Tuesday.

During the meeting, he sought to assuage the apprehensions of a larger section of the displaced community by assuring the delegation that the government is open to discussion on the final modalities of their return and that there is no final decision on multiple resettlement locations.

“The government is committed to addressing the concerns of the displaced community and will discuss with them whether they wanted to return to three different clusters or one single concentrated area,” said Madhav, adding that the present government is determined to make all separatists and their cronies irrelevant and redundant and is even willing to explore the possibility of setting up a tribunal to address the reasons of migration.


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