Modi’s N-threat highly irresponsible says Amarinder

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on India’s nuclear arsenal was “highly irresponsible”.

Urging people to support the Congress’ ‘jung’ (war) for protecting the future of the nation, “which the BJP-led government at the Centre had plunged into a state of ruin”, Amarinder said the BJP was misleading the country in the last five years with lies.

“This is a ‘jung’ for the future of the nation. We are fighting a party that made tall promises, but failed to deliver on even a single one of them,” Amarinder said.

Pointing out that unemployment rate was at an all-time high, Amarinder ridiculed Modi’s promise of “achche din”, saying “acche din us din aainge jis din enna da bhog payega” (good days will come only when their rule is brought to an end).

“People are sick and tired of their ‘jumlas’ and lies,” he said, adding that people want jobs and industry. “The people of India will overthrow the Modi government, which has spent the last five years misleading and lying to them,” he added.

Kick-starting the process of filing nominations by Congress candidates in the state from Jalandhar, where he accompanied Punjab Congress candidate Santokh Singh Chaudhary to file nomination papers at the district administrative complex, the Chief Minister said the Congress would provide a strong government at the Centre.

Amarinder was accompanied, among others, by former Jalandhar MP Mohinder Singh Kaypee, whose house he visited before proceeding for Chaudhary’s nomination filing.

Kaypee was sulking for the last few days after being denied the Congress ticket. Kaypee later accompanied Chaudhary and Amarinder for the filing of nomination papers.

“He (Kaypee) is a senior leader, an old Congressman who will be campaigning wholeheartedly for the party,” Amarinder said.


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