Muslim boy thrashed for drinking water from Temple premises

Shringi Nandan Yadav and Swami, caretakers of Dasna Devi Mandir in Uttar
Pradesh thrashed a teenage boy named “Asif” for drinking water from temple
premises. While Yadav was thrashing his friend was proudly filming it.
One needn’t be surprised, as their temple’s mahant is Yati Narsinghanand
Saraswati. He is known to repeatedly target Muslims and also has a police
case for allegedly saying that India “will be clean of Islam”.
Speaking on this incident he says “ We have a clear sign outside the temple
that reads “entry of Muslims is prohibited”. The drinking water tap is outside
the temple but this boy had entered the temple to spit on the idol and urinate
on the wall and was caught by the caretakers”. This is not one of the incidents, there have been many but this proves to thethe entire world that the hate speech targeting Muslims, Christians, and Dalits isnow taking a violent form in India as desired by the so-called leaders who follow Hindutva ideologies. Accused, Nandan Yadav’s social handle is filled with Narsinghanand’s incendiary speeches. While many social media users condemned this assault their have also been people who supported this bigotry. In fact the supporters for this nefarious act are brazen enough to seek funds to support Yadav and his likes which reminds us of a lynching incident in Udaipur in the year 2017 where Afrazul Khan was lynched in the names of Love jihad by Shambulal Regar, who is now in Jodhpur jail awaiting trial while his wife has received lakhs of rupees as donations. Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh tweeted: “A Muslim boy who drank water in the temple was beaten badly. Which Ramayana or knowledge of the Geeta or Vedas is this? Which Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam?”

WRITTEN BY : Ayesha Siddiqu

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