Now report tweets leaking your private information in detail

Twitter on Friday rolled out new options for its users to report problematic tweets that share their personal information on the platform.

According to the open communication platform, while reporting a tweet, you will now have the ability to be more specific about the information being shared.

“We want to move faster in reviewing reported tweets that share personal information. Starting today, you’ll be able to tell us more about the tweet you are reporting,” @TwitterSafety tweeted.

Users will now be taken to an additional menu, allowing them to specify whether the tweet contains contact information, physical location, financial information, pictures and so on.

The move comes after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that his platform has been too harsh at times when it comes to banning accounts in the wake of alleged political bias, harassment, hate speech or other policy violations.

There have been several incidents in the recent past where Twitter users in India, including journalists, posted abusive posts addressed to them on their accounts, asking Twitter to take immediate action.


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