Omar slams Modi, INC for silence over attacks on Kashmiri students

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress for their silence over the alleged attacks on Kashmiri students.

Addressing the media here, Abdullah said: “Attacks on Kashmiri students will result in further alienation of Kashmiris.”

“Kashmiri boys and girls pursuing studies outside the state have nothing to do either with politics or the Kashmir issue. They are simply trying to build their careers.

“These students have somehow managed to contact us saying that they have been harassed and threatened to leave different colleges and universities outside the state.

He said it appeared that those targeting Kashmiris had the blessings of the establishment, pointing out that one state governor had called for a boycott of the community.

He criticised Modi for his silence over attacks on Kashmiri students and traders outside the state.

“There was no condemnation from the Prime Minister on Kashmiri students being attacked. If he was busy, the Home Minister could have said something. Even the Congress has not said anything comforting. We need a statesman, not a politician,” he said.

The National Conference leader also said: “My concern is about the withdrawal of security to mainstream political operators.”

“On one hand, you are telling us that we have to be prepared for Parliament and Assembly elections, on the other hand, you are telling us that we no longer deserve the protection of the state,” he said.


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