Parle Products presents – Parle Milk Shakti: Putting an end to milk-battles

Parle Products, India?s leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery has launched an engaging campaign featuring three ad films for its biscuit brand – Milk Shakti. The campaign depicts the age-old battle of child versus glass of milk. This plays out every morning at breakfast tables across the country, with the mother playing the role of an enforcer. As each generation gets smarter with their milk avoidance tactics, Parle Milk Shakti coheres that sweet spot between mother, child and milk.

Commenting on the campaign, Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head, Parle Products said,??This campaign addresses every mother?s greatest worry ? how to get her child to drink milk. Interestingly, while milk is part of folklore in every part of the country, there is a milk tale unique to every region, be it Patna or Puducherry. In this campaign we have captured the regional idiom. Which is why the regional campaign precedes the national rollout of the campaign. Fortified with seven vitamins and two minerals, Parle Milk Shakti is every parent?s answer to managing their child?s nutritional requirements in a smarter way.?

thought blurb, the creative agency behind the Milk Shakti campaign, has conceptualised these engaging TVCs in Hindi and other regional languages to showcase the unique mother-child-milk triangle. The films strike a chord with all of us because they are inspired by familiar scenes from every household – mothers dealing with milk-tantrums, cheeky responses from the child and children in a hurry to grow up.? But what truly brings the films alive are the catchy local phrases, and cultural nuances that makes them enjoyable, and creates a strong connection with the region. The campaign will be launched digitally and on television.

Vinod Kunj, CCO & Managing Partner, thought blurb said, ?We didn?t have to look far for inspiration for this campaign, because milk-battles are a struggle we?ve all lived through. Playing around with regional flavours allowed us to create films that resonate in every part of the country. They are catchy, they are fun, they celebrate the mischief of the child and sympathise with the parent?s concerns. At the end of the day, Parle Milk Shakti is a win-win for both parents and children, and that?s exactly what our films establish.?

Keeping the brand message intact, Parle Products has been constantly changing the way it interacts with the consumers, the latest being interacting massively through social media channels. By adapting to changing times and digitalization, Parle has set an example of effective brand-consumer relationship through various campaigns.

The 3 ad films can be viewed here:

  1. Parle Milk Shakti | Doodh Se Dosti (Hindi)

  1. Parle Milk Shakti | Chaap Niyo Na (Bengali)

  1. Parle Milk Shakti | Gada Gada Mada Mada (Tamil)

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