Playerzpot among Top 10 Online Sports Fantasy Portal

It is fascinating to witness the evolving landscape of Indian sports and the rapid rise of online?fantasy gaming in the country/ fan engagement.?Cricket matches are one of the two occasions annually where every Indian feels the patriotic surge and cheers for the nation, our cricket team and those individuals playing representing our nation. The matches are gripping and over some time gradually fans shift to affiliate with the individuals, playing for the nation more than the game itself. ?Playerzpot?is an online sports fantasy portal. It is a platform with over?1 million?users in India. ?Playerzpot offers its users Fantasy gaming for Cricket, Football & Kabaddi matches. Within 4 years of inception, Playerzpot today ranks among the TOP 10 Fantasy Platforms in India with a 1% market share.?What’s fascinating?about the company is that it’s a profitable business amidst the fierce competition.

It is a multi-sport aggregator platform that offers?Free to Play, Pay to Play, content,?commerce and community engagement for?various?sports.?With their customer-centric approach, they ensure the highest possible gain for their customers in the easiest, reliable and secure way. Their unique referral system allows users to earn while sitting from the comfort of their homes.

The Founder and Director of the company Yogesh Doiphode is an IT graduate from VJTI and a vivid sports lover with a vision of changing the gaming landscape in India. Mitesh Gangar is the Co-Founder and Director, who is a veteran in programming, as a full stack developer and Android developer. Under their capable leadership, they expect to see Playerzpot changing the way an Indian sports fan can consume sports online.

They hold experience of converting a start-up into a profitable business by using the best possible marketing strategies. They have been using strong methods to turn this venture into a big part of the lucrative business in the current market. They have established Standard Operating Procedures; Playerzpot?s Fantasy sports aspires to be one of the best games to play.

India has over 300 million online sports fans, of which over 60 million use fantasy sports as their primary tool for engagement with their favorite sport.?In all likelihood, the next wave of growth in sports consumption will mainly be driven by fantasy sports and sports content platforms. Playerzpot is a futuristic project with great potential. The portal provides?curated sports experience across?the available sports format enabling fan engagement with peers and people sitting across the country.

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