Pollachi sex abuse case; Kamal Haasan hits out at Chief Minister

Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) leader Kamal Haasan on Friday lashed out strongly at the AIADMK government led by Chief Minister K. Palaniswami for its silence on the Pollachi sexual abuse-cum-blackmail case.

In a video clip uploaded in his Twitter account, Kamal Haasan attacked the state government for its inaction and threatening the complainants/victims.

Kamal Haasan charged the government with revealing the name of the victim and scaring away the students who protested on the road by manhandling them.

The students who came to register their just anger in an honest manner were removed forcibly by the police. The students are asking whether this police force would ensure their safety, Kamal Haasan said.

“Don’t you hear Mr.CM?” Kamal Haasan said.

Recalling late Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa’s statement that sexual assault on women will be considered as a serious crime and will be probed by senior officials, Kamal Haasan said the government has not done anything to protect the victims.

He said the police officer investigating the case had revealed the name of the victim in a press meet. The current AIADMK claiming to run the government on the footsteps of Jayalalithaa has not taken any action and wondered how it can be so careless and lethargic in this regard.

Two days after that a video of the victim comes out and how, he wondered.

He also wondered why the government does not show the same alacrity in saying that the culprits will be punished as it does in saying that the accused in the sexual abuse case are not connected to the AIADMK.


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