The launch of PUBG MOBILE in India in 2017 took the mobile gaming world by a storm. Not only did the Battle Royale game earn immense love and popularity from gaming enthusiasts, it also charted a roadmap for creating a healthy and strong esports ecosystem in the country. PUBGM opened the doors to competitive gaming and provided large scale platforms to talented players to compete and showcase their in-game skills to the world. This gave them the much-needed scope to transform themselves into pro players.

Three individuals, MortaL, ScoutOP and Carry have played significant roles in advancing esports and gaming in India. However, their fans did not know much about their own stories, which are authentic, heartfelt and honest.? PUBGM created a short documentary capturing the journey of these homebred competitive players who boldly pursued their dreams of building a career in esports. While they come from diverse backgrounds, what they share in common is hard work, persistence, and determination.

While this is a tribute to their contribution towards esports in India, this also is an encouragement for anyone in India to be inspired by these stories and take up gaming as a career.

You can be like MortaL, ScoutOP and Carry. You can be the ONE.

Watch their story?HERE?in this video which hit Top 10 Trending in India YouTube earlier this week.

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