Rahul Gandhi wants to defeat Narendra Modi with ‘love’

Reverting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attack on his family, Congress President Rahul Gandhi here on Saturday said he would “never hate Modi” as he believed the “PM can be defeated only with love”.

“I don’t hate Modi. Modiji, you can say whatever you want to. Hatred cannot overcome hatred. Modiji cannot be defeated with hatred, he can be defeated only with love,” Gandhi said while addressing an election rally in Madhya Pradesh.

“There is no hatred in the hearts of Congress workers. But there is hatred in the hearts of the BJP, RSS people and Modi. Our job is to end that hatred.”

The Congress President said: “They spew hatred for me, my father, grandmother and great grandfather. But I go and hug him. Get rid of hatred, work with love. You will benefit yourself.”


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