Rampur SP tells Azam Khan to keep gunners round the clock

The Superintendent of Police (SP), Rampur has written a letter to sitting Member of Parliament (MP) from Rampur, Azam Khan requesting him to ensure that his gunners are present with him all the time.

Sources said that the letter was written after the gunners informed the police lines that the MP leaves them behind some times.

“The MP at times has not been taking his gunners and they are left at home. Sometimes he takes them. The gunners are to ensure his safety and should be with at all hours,” a police officer said.

The MP has two gunners given by the Rampur Police.

Azam Khan has been in news for 26 FIR’s registered against him for illegally grabbing the governement land or lands of farmers in Rampur. In most of the cases registered against him there is no record of land dealings and no documents either.


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