Resolve waterlogging issue: Arvind Kejriwal to officials

Ahead of the monsoon season, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal here on Tuesday asked officials to ensure that people had no inconvenience due to water logging.

“Vulnerable water logging points are known. It must be ensured that the problem does not occur at the known points. If for any reason, like a structural defect at any point, water logging can’t be prevented then it should be clearly recorded,” he said.

He was addressing officials at the launch of the flood control order report for the current year. His cabinet colleagues were also present on the occasion.

Kejriwal told Chief Secretary Vijay Dev to ask all the departments concerned to provide a list of identified vulnerable water logging points within seven days, along with the status report on action taken to prevent that this year.

Though he praised officials for implementing flood control measures, but added there were shortcomings in tackling water logging during monsoon.

Dev said accountability and responsibility of each and every officer would be fixed in case of water logging. Work of every department and officer concerned would be monitored during monsoon, he added.


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