RSS meet begins in Bhopal, Jammu&Kashmir could figure

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) began a three-day meeting, where the Kashmir issue could be also be discussed, here on Sunday.

According to sources connected to the RSS, the meet at the Vidya Bharati here is being attended by the organisation’s ‘sah sarkaryavah’ (Joint General Secretary) Krishna Gopal.

On the first day, discussions were held with members of think-tanks associated with the organisation, as well as other affiliated wings. Debate on expanding ‘shakhas’ was also held.

While there is possibility of the Kashmir situation figuring on the agenda of the meet, an RSS offic-bearer said: “There was no discussion on Kashmir and any related issues on the first day, but only on the matters listed. Political issues may be discussed on Monday.”



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