Samsung Reintroduces Indians to India through #IndiaOnGalaxy

What is the aim of technological innovation? Is it mere convenience and efficiency? At Samsung India, we believe that the relevance of innovation lies in its ability to make the user?s heart smile. The reason to be a better person, the magic behind a more conscientious world ? these make technology worthwhile. This is why, the Samsung India Corporate Communications team, headed by Partha Ghosh, has resolved to empower Samsung lovers with stories that truly matter.

Along with his team, Ghosh has recently launched an online series of stories called #IndiaOnGalaxy. The idea is to bring back hidden narratives and share them with India?s purpose-driven youth. The first such story takes one back to Kolkata.

Every year, the months of September and October witness India?s love for festivals. Every little part of the country becomes a little extra cheerful and colorful as Durga Puja approaches and marks the beginning of festivities. During these nine days of fasting and feasting, thousands of Durga idols are shipped to Pandals across the world for Pujo celebrations.

What the world doesn?t get to see is the months of tireless work and devotion that goes into making these idols and bringing Durga home. Samsung felt the need to pay a tribute to the clay artisans of Kumartuli in Kolkata who create thousands of Durga idols in the run-up to Durga Puja every year.

So, the Samsung India Corporate Communications team went to Kolkata?s Kumortuli to meet these artists, the harbingers of India?s festive season. The team has created the story of the Pujo through the artists? eyes. It is the form of a video shot on the Samsung Galaxy Note10, one of Samsung?s finest creations. It pays a much-deserved tribute to the people who make India such a unique and beautiful nation.

Talking about the video, Partha Ghosh said, ?The video is also a tribute to people of Bengal who are deeply and emotionally connected to their roots, expressing themselves beautifully especially during Pujas, wherever they are, worldwide. We are extremely happy we were able to present this during the festivals and bring joy to people.?

One of the oldest and most intriguing civilizations, India has many more intriguing and heartwarming stories to offer. And that?s exactly what #IndiaOnGalaxy will capture

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