Selaulim reservoir overflows after heavy rain: Goa official

Goa’s Selaulim dam, a crucial water reservoir which provides supply for nearly half of the state’s population has started overflowing following incessant rain over the last one week, an official at the state Water Resources Department (WRD) said.

In May, following the delayed arrival of the monsoon, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had expressed concern about the dipping water levels in the state’s five main water reservoirs, especially the key Selaulim dam, whose capacity was down to only 44 days of usage.

The heavy onslaught of rains over the last one week though recharged the state’s water-bodies, so much so that the Selaulim dam since Wednesday night started overflowing.

“The reservoir at Selaulim was full to capacity as of Wednesday, following heavy rain. Water levels are now at 104 per cent of the capacity. The full reservoir level is 41.15 metres,” the WRD official said on Thursday.

The overflowing of the Selaulim reservoir is a regular phenomenon during the monsoon months and has been an attraction for tourists as well as locals for a day-long outing.

Goa has recorded nearly 55 inches of rain ever since the onset of the monsoon in May.

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