Sharyar Khan Viewpoint On Afghanistan Crisis

There cannot be any doubt of the fact that it is China in active collusion with Pakistan and with the complicity of Russia that has enabled the Taliban to gain such rapid victory over the Afghanistan Government.

Unlike in the 1990s when the fierce anti-Taliban Northern Alliance led by Ahmed Shah Massoud called the Lion of Panjshir and USA which was solidly backing him, today there is no opposition to the Taliban’s, in fact, they have all the support in the world by way of the China-Pakistan-Russia Axis.

India should understand that doing business with the USA is a very delicate affair and needs to be Diplomatically balanced and nuanced.

I believe the Indian Government under our PM Modi has already understood and acknowledged this ground reality and in furtherance of this, has reached out to the Taliban leadership based in Qatar and also to the new Iranian leadership,, we all know that Iran though is a Shia Islamic theocracy is very well disposed towards India as opposed to both USA and Pakistan.

It is time we look back towards the profound Nehruvian wisdom of Non-Alignment and revive it at the earliest to strike a subtle and pragmatic diplomatic attitude of – Friends with all and enemies with non .

China is the Key as far as Political, Military and Economic interests in the immediate neighbourhood are concerned, India needs to acknowledge this solemn truth and align itself with the Chinese without compromising on its vital National interests, I think this will be in the best interests of our Nation and also it will also subserve the collective objective of Religional stability, peace and prosperity.

Friendship with China will ensure the good behaviour of Pakistan and also the Taliban-led Afghanistan. The Quad – comprising of USA, Australia, Japan and India which was put together to counter China has completely lost its utility and relevance especially after the dramatic fall of Kabul and more shameful, the way in which the ‘ mighty’ America fled that woebegone Country abandoning the petrified citizens of Afhuto the mercy of the Taliban .

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