Sonata Stride: Fitness Ka Naya Style – Starting from Rs 2,995

Campaign Name: Sonata Stride: Fitness Ka Naya Style

What is the TG for this ad?

Strivers, A 22-30 year old fitness-conscious person who understands the importance of staying healthy in order to move towards his goals. Despite working long hours, he keeps thinking about ways of staying fit and wants to be in the know of his fitness metrics

Business objective: Create a distinct narrative for Sonata Stride to make it the go-to smartwatch for the fitness aware, value-conscious consumer.

Insight: In our quest towards a better and fitter tomorrow, we often lose track of the today that will take us there. A better tomorrow can only happen if we make the most of our today.

What?s new in this film: The campaign communicates the fitness attribute of Sonata Stride making it a perfect smartwatch that gives you the ultimate combination of functionality and style.

Brand Spokesperson: Mr Utkarsh Thakur, Marketing Head – Sonata

?Today, falling fitness levels are unavoidable owing to sedentary lifestyles. There?s a lot of inertia in starting our fitness journey due to many constraints. The solution – Everyday Fitness, which is to expend energy through daily activities like walking, cycling, taking stairs, etc. Stride helps to track these everyday activities in a seamless manner. This trendy smartwatch will help people make conscious choices towards a healthy lifestyle.?

Agency Spokesperson: Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer- Lowe Lintas

?The idea of the campaign demonstrates the insight that if you have the will to be fit and healthy, you will always find ways. In a cheeky and fun way, our protagonist demonstrates to his colleague that he need not procrastinate his fitness plans as there is always a gym wherever he is?

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