Star World Announces #TheBestBoss Contest on World Boss Day


The Office?certainly holds a special place in every fan?s heart for mixing that special mockumentary styled humor no other show has been able to manage.?Star World, India?s leading English entertainment channel has brought this rib-tickling comedy series to television screens for the first time, in India! Currently airing on the channel?every weekday at 8PM,?The Office?is the go-to show that is surely a comic relief after a heavy day at work. Whether you watch it for the very first time or re-watch a random episode.

With the?World Boss Day?being observed today, how best to commemorate this occasion but to celebrate Michael Scott, the idiosyncratic boss of a paper company, who has a real talent for always doing the wrong thing and coming off as the most uncouth and idiotic man in the room but always with a heart of gold!

Celebrating this day, Star World announces an intriguing digital contest?#TheBestBoss?across its social media platforms on World Boss Day. Through this campaign, Star World will engage with its audiences and give away some exciting merchandise to all the fans of this classic comedy series!

With the idea to engage with its Indian audiences and reward their ?Best Boss? across offices, the digital contest?spanning across Instagram, will also see?promotions on other digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Through this contest, Star World will urge its audiences to share experiences and stories of why their Bosses are the best compared to the?World?s Best Boss ? Michael Scott, himself! Star World will conclude by announcing winners who will get to gift some exciting branded merchandise to their bosses!

Developed by?Greg Daniels?? the award winning comedy writer known for celebrated television series such as Parks & Recreation, Saturday Night LIVE, The Simpsons and more, the show stars some of the Hollywood?s renowned actor ??Steve Carrell?of?Evan Almighty?and?Crazy Stupid Love, along with the most loved personality and Oscar nominee -?John Krasinski. Also starring Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling,?and?Rainn Wilson, the show has been known for popularizing the mockumentary format on television. This show was nominated for?9 Golden Globe awards and 42 Primetime Emmy awards during the course of its run, for its writing as well as for the cast?s stellar performances.

So, go on and participate in this contest, and get a chance to win some fancy merchandise to gift it your Boss. If it?s the appraisal time, try not to be a suck up; be subtle.

?And once back from your 9 to 5, catch some more of ?The Office?, a show that not just tickles your bones but also gives you many characters and instances to relate to. Watch all seasons of this awesome show currently airing only on Star World every Monday to Friday at 8PM!

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