SURESH KALADA BUS BEING Hijacked and Passengers beaten up

Date 21 April2019. Call for help and protection raised by passenger travelling in Suresh Kalada Bus from Kerala to Bangalore:

Message from passenger:

This is a distress call. I am traveling and share this on all social Media platforms. I am traveling on a “Suresh Kalada”, bus from Kerala to Bangalore. Bus broke down on the way about 10 mins after I was picked from my location (Haripad, Kerala) leaving all the passengers on the bus stranded without any clear answers from the drivers on what we should expect for safety of women, and girls on the bus. Several people got angry with the bus driver asking for an alternative on how to get to their final destination which is a 14 hours bus ride to reach bangalore. At this point all the driver had to say was that a mechanic was on the way. Driver of the bus did not give any alternative and kept us waiting. I personally called #redbus 2 times and had my complaint recorded/registered about the bus breakdown. #redbus being an aggregator did not have a any solutions on my travel forward. I tried calling the phone number of Kalada, they were of no help. We were all stuck on a highway with no streetlights (welcome to India). Pressure being built and not getting any answer 2 young boys got aggressive wanting some answers, and questioned the driver for some honest answers. 1 hours must have past, they took drivers phone and spoke with Kalada staff from VYTTILA, Cochin on behalf of all the passengers, and there was an exchange of Harsh Language between both parties, where Kalada Bus Owners on the phone could not give us any straight answers.VYTTILA, cochin is about 3 hours from where the bus was currently broken down. Haripad Police came to the location where the bus was broken down and got angry at the driver for not giving passengers and alternative. Haripad PoLice stayed with us for 30 mins and then they left. At this point I got into the bus and rested for some time. About 3 hours later another bus was send to our location Haripad, and we were all on our Journey Forward towards bangalore. Bus was quite and everyone was sleeping including myself. Not sure how long I slept and not knowing where I am at this point I wake up to some noise and altercation next to my seat. To my surprise, driver of Kalada travels along with 3 to 5 people have come towards the 2 boys who asked for alternative and was harsh over the phone. Haripad Police had also spoken to the Kalada people at VYTTILA, Cochin over the phone. Now 1.5 hours into the journey, Kalada people got into the bus as you can see what has happened in this Video. They beat the 2 boys in Bollywood style, and then took them out of the bus. Along with him they had also taken few people from the seats in the front who also asked the driver questions at haripad.

Bus that I boarded for Bangalore was at 12 am, and currently the time is 5 am. At about 4:30 am bus was stopped on the way while all of us were sleeping. I heard a lot of noise only to see what you are about to see on this video and location where these 2 boys and others who raised voice against “Suresh Kalada” have been deboarded from the bus. People who belong to the bus owner Suresh Kalada stopped the bus on the way with a planned effort taking these 2 boys you see on the video and few other people whom I could not capture on this video. Lives of these passengers are not safe. Whoever is taking action and reporting to #Banaglorepolice and #Tamilnadupolice please keep in mind we are currently on the same bus and our life is also at risk sending this message out. The only reason I am sending this message is because these people belonging to “Suresh Kalada” should be found. Proper action should be taken, and save the people who have been taken out of the bus.

These drivers have proved to be a big gangers who can not only break Indian laws but brutally harm humans too. They kept saying people who mess with “Suresh Kalada” this is the result. If I need to get of the bus at any point send me a message. Send this to all Media. People are in danger. Not one soul in the bus stood up to this big gang who entered the bus. I am a fighter and in normal scenario would have supported the 2 boys and other who are currently missing from the bus and none of us know what has happened. Gauging the situation and amount of people they had got outside the bus beating the 2 boys by chasing them as you see in Bollywood, I would also be broken into pieces if I tried to defend this situation. So please send police to the location I have shared immediately and get this bus stopped strategically with police effort. Police if this message reaches you, be wise on handling this situation and not risk my life and others in the bus for sending this VIDEO.

Today 22 April 2019. One of the boys who was beaten up seeking treatment is in this video. He is currently studying 3rd year at a college. All his belongings stolen .


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