TikTok?s unique fitness brand campaign #MakeYourMoov

TikTok, world?s leading destination for short-format video content, collaborated?with Moov for a first of its kind brand fitness campaign?#MakeYourMoov. The brands objective was to promote physical fitness and inspire users to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The?#MakeYourMoov?garnered more than 9 billion views since its launch.

Brands often look for innovative solutions to stand out in the highly competitive market and?TikTok?as a platform allows them to explore interactive hashtag challenges and trending topics that are popular. Moov initiated a unique Hashtag Challenge called?#MakeYourMoov?where users were encouraged to post a video performing at least one fitness move of their choice.

(Left to Right) Popular Creators taking the?#MakeYourMoov?challenge:?Sunny Chopra,?Gunjan Taneja,?Manav Chhabra?and?Aashna Hegde)

Sachin Sharma, Director, Sales and Partnerships, TikTok India, said, ?Brands are slowly uncovering the true potential of our platform and connecting with their audiences across the length and breadth of the country. Our unique ad solutions help deliver exciting experiences that drive user engagement and business impact. We are excited about our partnership with Moov on Fitness, one of our popular categories. The hashtag Challenge witnessed a humongous response with participation across age groups.?

Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer, RB Health South Asia, said,??Moov has been India?s number 1 trusted pain relief brand since 1986. As an expert, we conceptualized the?#MakeYourMoov?challenge to draw attention towards growing lifestyle pains and an urgent need to develop active lifestyle habits. The popular campaign preceded the launch of Moov Advanced Gel with Diclofenac, the #1 recommended active gel by doctors for acute pain relief. It encouraged India to bring about smaller changes in their everyday life that will impact their overall health in the long run. Our collaboration with TikTok enhanced the campaign outreach to a wide and varied audience. The exciting challenge and engaging format of TikTok made it a runaway success with people sharing their innovative moves in multitudes. We are happy that together Moov and TikTok made India ?Move?.?

By encouraging users to create their own content for a campaign, the brand paves way for these users to resonate with the overall campaign message, turning them into authentic and powerful brand ambassadors.Join?TikTok?and be part of its vibrant community of talented users by participating in creative in-app campaigns and initiatives.

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