TopSocial enables ?zero cost automated Influencer Marketing campaigns?

Launches TopSocial Direct, Zero Investment, Higher ROI programme for instant and direct brand and influencer connect

Brands to instantly identify the most relevant influencers basis their content-lead campaign requirements

TopSocial, the fastest growing open influencer marketing platform, today announced its strategy for 2020 enabling brands to create zero cost automated influencer marketing campaigns. Equipped with the high-end technology and business practices from its parent company TopSocial China, the platform aims to enrich and shape up the cluttered, unorganised and untapped Influencer Marketing industry in India. Launched fresh, its flagship programme, TopSocial Direct, enables brands to directly contact Influencers / KOLs or celebrities with no marketing agency dependency to run self-executed campaigns at minimum investment and higher ROI.

TopSocial, is India?s 1st technology driven open-market place for influencers which has verified profiles of celebrities, key opinion leaders, and influencers from across the country for brands to connect directly to run multi-regional and scalable campaigns with penetration till Tier 3/4 cities of India. With the new strategy in place the platform will have over 70,000 direct influencers and KOLs on board by year end.

A perfect match-making platform

TopSocial enables a Direct Access to influencers? verified profile making brand managers identify and connect with the most relevant influencers without analysing heaps of data. The automated influencer-brand matching criteria will reduce brand?s search time of influencers significantly basis their budget, categories, cities, industries, social media platforms requirements etc. The platform then allows the brands to connect and collaborate with these KOLs independently and extremely efficiently.

Boosting Creative Content Lead programmes

TopSocial brings together all celebrities, macro, micro and nano influencers to create highly engaging content and deliver brand messages to the captive target-audience across India. Having addressed the identification of KOLs and KPIs set, TopSocial empowers the brand managers with a Content-First approach.

Supporting Widest Geographic Reach

TopSocial promises a reach in Tier 1,2,3+ including the remote cities of the country and functions on 3 primary categories i.e. Influencers, Celebrities and Bloggers bifurcated in 25 subcategories under each primary category such as Automobile, smart devices, Internet businesses, tech, food, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, environment among others.

Ritika Gupta, Business Strategist, TopSocial India says, ?In the cluttered industry of Influencer Marketing, TopSocial, brings about a seamless platform focused for high ROI. It is directed to save the precious cost and time, thereby enabling efficiency and capabilities to create enhanced campaigns. We bring best practices and business requirements from China, which is one of the largest market for digital and influencer marketing.?

Bani Kalra, auto journalist, Founder ? Motor Tech India, said, ?The TopSocial Direct feature, will enable brands to reach out to the most apt influencer for their industry. The influencers too will be able to be accessed by a wide variety of brands for their marketing campaigns specific to wider and regional geographies.?

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