Vista Rooms Co-Promotes PharmEasy with Unique Marketing Campaign

Vista Rooms is a budding and successful holiday accommodation provider that collaborates with home-owners who can offer their spaces for holiday-goers. They are a premium holiday service provider that has catered to over 150,000 happy travelers and over 300-second homeowners across India.?PharmEasy is an online medicine delivery app, which also allows you to buy healthcare products, OTC products, medical equipment, and book diagnostic tests online. This healthcare app lets you order medicines exclusively from third party licensed retail pharmacies and helps you make huge savings on online medicine purchase. What connects these two completely unrelated businesses? Turns out, a rather interesting marketing campaign!

Both companies found a direct synergy between themselves as both the brands are online platforms catering to an overlapping target audience. Moreover, the thought was that sometimes, time off an otherwise stressful life is really the only medicine one needs! There were multiple channels of co-promotions from both parties but the highlight of the campaign was sending across Vista Rooms vouchers in the shape of a medicine bottle in every PharmEasy package delivered to customers.

The vouchers were designed in the shape of medicine bottle with quirky and fun statements such as ?DOSAGE: As prescribed by your wanderlust. To be taken with family and friends.? and ?WARNING: May cause a serious addiction to travel,? apart from some great graphics that sent the message of travel and fun in the shape of prescription pills. Such unique presentation ideas for the vouchers worked wonderfully as a great customer engagement opportunity for both PharmEasy and Vista Rooms, and gave both the brands a widespread reach. This interesting and unique campaign was organized in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad for about 3 weeks, wherein more than 50,000 vouchers were distributed across these cities.?

Amit Damani, Co-Founder at Vista Rooms,?said, ?What started out as a fairly standard co-promotion campaign suddenly gained a lot of traction owing to the creativity of our content and design team. We received a terrific response to these medicine bottle vouchers, including a lot of social media mentions and appreciation for the creativity, as well as actual conversions. We?re glad to have been able to reach out to people in a fun and memorable way.?

Sahil Rana, Marketing Manager,?PharmEasy,?said, ?Collaborating with Vista Rooms for this unique campaign has been great. We received a very positive response from people in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. The idea of sending a travel related message in a medicine bottle was simply brilliant and both the brands received a great deal of attention because of it. The connection between travel and wellness is quite strong, and that was communicated wonderfully.?

So, the next time you are planning your getaway and need to replenish your supplies of essential medicines, we bet that Vista Rooms and PharmEasy are sure to be at the top of your mind!

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