What Happened When A.R. Rahman and His Daughter Shared The Stage?

On Feb 5th, 2019, A.R. Rahman, the Indian Musician who bagged two Oscars for the movie Slumdog Millionaire, was felicitated at the 10 years completion of getting the Oscar award, at Dharavi, Mumbai, wherein Anil Kapoor, Gulzar and other prominent personalities had a chit-chat with A.R. Rahman.

At this event, a unique turn took up the audience with a surprise. Rahman’s daughter Khadijah Rahman was asked to interview her father on the stage. She being in hijaab, and in niqaab; not to forget the Tamil-style of draping the Saaree, said that she appreciates her dad for teaching disciplines, and for observing humility, to the extent that he didn’t change even to an atom weight, even after getting Oscars. She appreciated him for all the charity works which he keeps to himself, by saying that her father practices what the Prophet of Islam preached: Your left hand must not know what your right hand gave in charity. She went onto say that her father respects all people irrespective of what their social status are; and that she respects him more for paying the wages before the sweat dries up, as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said.

Although she was supposed to interview her father, she went on to ask him for an advice for her career.

A.R. Rahman went to say: I thought you were going to ask me questions. I don’t give advices. All that I can say is follow your heart and instincts. Pray to God, and He will guide you.

Khadija Rahman also went on to clarify a misunderstanding between her and her father 10 years ago when Rahman was leaving to attend the Oscars. She said then to her father, not to come back home without the Oscars. But her father mistook to understand that she meant not to come home.

A.R. Rahman went to say that he was not offended, but was wondering why the girl got so cruel at him. He said that with humour, and both father and daughter took the event to an electrifying emotional moment.

Umar Shariff

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