Women subjected to genital mutilation by husband

Uttar Pradesh has recorded yet another horrific crime against woman. Just two
years into marriage, Rakesh a daily wage worker accused his wife, Vinavati of
cheating on him.
On Saturday, 19 th of March, he got into a fight with his wife, accusing her of
having an extramarital affair. Even though she denied it, he physically assaulted
her, tied her, and stitched her genitalia with a copper wire.
When she shouted for help, her relatives came to her rescue and took her to
“Rampur District Hospital” where the doctor confirmed she had serious injuries
around her genitalia.
A police case was filed and the Superintendent of police, Shogun Gautam,
confirmed that Rakesh was arrested post receiving complaint.

Written by: Ayesha Siddiqua

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